BNY Mellon is a leading financial services company who believes in the power of looking at things from multiple perspectives. So we created their “Consider Everything” brand platform, which (as the line suggests) is beginning to come to life in both traditional and untraditional ways.


Not So Fast

Studies suggest that up to 25% of people listen to podcasts at a higher speed in order to consume more content and speed through ads. To bring a unique perspective to audio, we recorded a :15s spot, slowed it down to :30, and placed it in the middle of The Economist’s Money Talks podcast. To these “podfasters,” our ad was the only thing that sounded normal.


The Multiple Perpective Crossword 

We also ran a unique crossword in the NYTimes Sunday Magazine (opposite the regular puzzle). Featuring two different clues for each answer, it invited the puzzler to consider multiple perspectives while filling it out. 

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles